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  On this website, you can find all of my creations made from manual to digital works,
  including tutorials and tools that might be of use in your own projects.
  Feel free to check out and explore my website.

  Have a great day and thank you for visiting my site!
2B+G+M+4P Dubai Hotel Tower
  Status: Concept Design
Location: Khalifa District, Dubai

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  Architectural Exterior Daylight Rendering
  This tutorial covers the making of an exterior daylight scene using V-Ray which includes final settings and simple post processing technique.

Software Used: Sketchup/Autodesk 3D Studiomax/V-Ray Plugin/Adobe Photoshop

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  Finally, my website is now ONLINE!!!
KenFauni.com is now online!
  My website is finally done :) Actually, I am planning to publish my site the very first day of the year 2015, I thought this could be done in less than a month, but in the end it took me 5 months in total.
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