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My inspiration comes from my wife and my daughter.
I met my wife Annabelle in Our Lady of the Rosary
Qatar Parish when I joined the Christian Life Program of a Catholic Community - Singles for Christ.

Singles for Christ
is the next generation of Couples for Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to journey and witness with single men and women in their discovery and pursuit of vocations and the fullness of the mission towards building a Christ-centered society.

After several months of serving the Lord, we decided to got married and was integrated to Couples for Christ lovingly serving the Kids of Community.

Annabelle is very sweet,caring,lovable,family-oriented, and religious wife. She loves to dance & sing as well. She used these talents in serving more to our God by joining the Sto. Nino choir which we consider as one of our beloved group in the church.

To my wife, thank you for everything.
My happiness is beyond anything I've ever imagined being with you.
God's Greatest Gift

We felt the love of God through our answered prayers.
We were so blessed to have our beautiful daughter Kirsten Hill.
She is so adorable, playful, active and very friendly daughter.

She enjoys playing her tablet pc most of the time...hehehe.
She loves to eat sweets too. Once she hear the beat of a music,
she can't afford to stop her dancing until the music ends.

To my little princess,
You motivate me to be an awesome dad, with you around I am never sad.
You are one of the reasons why I want to be successful,
you are also one of the reasons why my life is beautiful.
Mom and Dad loves you so much!


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